Urine Drug Testing

I was recently at the Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders and bumped into a lot of great people at the conference who treat addiction. In the parking lot was the rolling advertisement for Precision Testing Laboratories in their Urine Drug Testing van. For some reason this caught my attention a lot more than any booth would because in the addiction treatment field you most likely won’t see a bunch of vans rolling down the highway with XYZ Drug Rehab in Malibu California any time soon.

Urine Drug Testing Van

Precision Testing Labs Van rolls into the Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders in Hyannis Port, MA in Sept 2012.

A couple of the most colorful folks at the Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders were Jay Norton of C4 Recovery Solutions and Amy Lashway of Treatment Solutions in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

2012 Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders

Amy Lashway of Treatment Solutions and Jay Norton of C4 Recovery Solutions bring some vivid color to the Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders.

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Inpatient Drug Treatment Centers – Video Interview

If you know some one who has a drinking problem maybe you can relate to Steve’s story. One of the things that is interesting to me is that if you watch the series of these videos on Youtube is that you will find that you won’t be doing the treatment alone, these guys at Above It All Treatment Center will hold your hand the entire way and give you the skills to manage your life after you leave.

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Successful Alcohol Treatment – Lost in Woonsocket

This is a very powerful piece. Being a resident of Massachusetts I can relate to these guys because of their accents and ways of being. It is great that John Chester’s documentary Lost in Woonsocket has done such a wonderful job of expressing humanity on a level we rarely see in film or television or even in life for that matter.

While I haven’t seen the movie yet I can just tell but the trailer it will be something that moves me. Lost in Woonsocket.

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Addiction Recovery on the University Campus

Addiction Recovery on the University Campus

Article Furnished By, Sobriety Home

Students who are in recovery from alcohol addiction can find the university life incredibly challenging. It is impossible to enter university studies in most parts of the world without being exposed to alcohol, especially alcohol being used in dangerous excess.

The Dangers of Alcohol Abuse on Campus

Studies have shown that approximately 42% of students binge drink at some point in their school experience. Young people are far more susceptible to develop an addiction, and for any student with a predilection towards alcoholism, whether due to past abuse or a strong family history, the university experience is mired with challenges.

Every year there are fatalities of binge drinking during Frosh Week, before classes have even begun. This is caused not only by accidents due to impaired thinking but often alcohol poisoning. The classic university drinking styles-slamming shots, chugging drinks and games- are geared towards inebriation in less than ten minutes. This drives up the blood alcohol level at a rapid rate at which the (usually) inexperienced drinker cannot keep track of. While these deaths are tragic extremes, alcohol also interferes with student’s mental and physical wellbeing, social circle and schoolwork. Many students drop out after their first semester, the well-known ‘Christmas graduates.’

Some universities have now begun to implement limits on the amount of alcohol available per student through the official Frosh Week, but in such a large institution there is no way to safeguard all students from the dangers of alcohol abuse.

On-Campus Addiction Recovery

University is a difficult for those in recovery- the stress of maintaining grades, budgets and friendships triggers many to cope by resorting to alcohol and drug abuse. In order to provide a support system for these students, a number of universities have begun directing resources towards on campus programs for students in recovery.

These addiction treatment programs (which cost no more than normal tuition) usually consist of a designated living space for those in recovery, classes on how to remain substance free and planned activities. At many of these universities there is now the option for both a ‘sober’ or a ‘recovery’ room. These programs allow students in recovery to live in a space that is not only substance-free, but also geared towards re-affirming sober living.

This offers students a way to meet and befriend like-minded individuals also studying at their university. Socialising and working towards recovery together helps to fill the void left by destructive influences. Friends will be there if someone relapses to get them the help and support they need, and most importantly to express solidarity through shared experience.

At many of these centres including Rutgers, Texas Tech and Augsburg the sobriety rates have averaged in the mid to high 90s. The success of this style of program has seen it spread across the U.S. The original program, Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program at Rutgers in New Brunswick, N.J. was founded in 1988 by Lisa Laitman. At the time of writing there are now over 20 of these programs across the U.S.

In an environment where almost half of the population partakes in alcohol abuse of some kind or another, it is crucial to have addiction recovery programs like this in place for those who have pre-existing histories and are trying to recover while completing their studies. This substance-free alternative to campus life makes this possible.

For more information, check out this recent NYT article by Abigail Sullivan Moore, ‘A Bridge to Recovery on Campus” (20/01/2012)

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Alcohol Counseling Industry Growth Rate

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics alcohol counselors along with other behavioral disorders like drug addiction, eating disorders is set to be a double digit growth industry at 21% for the next ten years of 2008 – 20018. It is unfortunate that this is a growth industry and the number of substance abuse counselors including alcohol counseling will grow from 86,000 to 104,000 in the 10 year span.

Unfortunately the statistics don’t lie, it is too bad that the demand for these services continues to climb at such astonishing rates. Here are what the Job Prospects look like for alcohbol counseling and substance counseling.

“Job opportunities should be favorable because job openings are expected to exceed the number of graduates from counseling programs, particularly in rural areas. Substance abuse counselors should enjoy particularly good job prospects.” – Source BLS.gov

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Alcohol, Painkiller Mix Killed Boogaard

Alcohol, Painkiller Mix Killed Boogaard
A toxic mix alcohol and oxycodone killed former Minnesota Wild player Derek Boogaard, according to the Hennepin County medical examiner. The manner of death was ruled an accident.
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Why are unhealthy people so reluctant to change their lifestyles?
It takes more than a wake-up call, even a life-threatening one, to get smokers, diabetics and obese people to give up their unhealthful ways. Nobody’s perfect. We all have bad habits we just can’t seem to shake. Cigarettes have a hold on some people; others can’t say no to alcohol, sweets or a life on the couch in front of the television.
Read more on Los Angeles Times

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Counseling available for small businesses

Counseling available for small businesses
The Jacksonville State University Small Business Development Center, the Small Business Administration and the Chamber offer one-on-one counseling for prospective and existing small business owners at no charge from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. May 25 in the Chamber office.
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Nick Finnegan’s legacy of healing lives as St. Luke’s counseling center renamed
With a name that is descriptive but perhaps a bit long, the St. Luke’s Center for Counseling and Life Enrichment has served the Houston community as a referral and support resource for healing life’s
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‘Project Baby Bus’ will set up near Planned Parenthood
Free pregnancy testing, counseling and ultrasounds will be offered near local Planned Parenthood centers again, along with college campuses, shopping centers and outlying communities in El Paso County.A mobile pregnancy center is expected to be tooling around town as soon as this summer, joining…
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Treatment centers see big spike in older drug, alcohol addicts; aging boomers cited for rise

Treatment centers see big spike in older drug, alcohol addicts; aging boomers cited for rise
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Substance abuse treatment professionals are dealing with an influx of older addicts and bracing for even more. Federal statistics show more than 231,000 people aged 50 or over sought drug and alcohol treatment in 2008, more than double the 1992 rate.
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Do We Need to Change Addiction Treatment?
In my specialty as an addiction psychiatrist, I have often advocated for residential treatment when unremitting drug and alcohol problems persist because other, less intensive, services have failed. However, that may soon change.
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Treatment Court celebrates another class of graduates
They beat back their addictions to alcohol and drugs, their success capped by a graduation ceremony at Lackawanna College’s Mellow Theater in Scranton on Thursday night.
Read more on The Scranton Times-Tribune

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Alcohol Rehab?

Question by lastavailidtome: Alcohol Rehab?
What does it mean to “enter alcohol rehab”? What is done, how long, and why can’t it be done at home? Thanks all.

Best answer:

Answer by cowboydoc
This is something that has to be done by the indivigual and the family. If the person is forced to, then it isn’t going to work. That person has to realize thier going to lose everything if they don’t go for treatment.

Give your answer to this question below!

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Q&A: Alcohol and the effects on the body?

Question by slience.screams: Alcohol and the effects on the body?
I’m doing a project on alcohol and its effects on the brain, the heart, the muscles and the body. What are symptoms of alcohol poisoning? Why do people drink so much? What are long term and short term effects alcohol has on your bodily functions? What about a small amount of alcohol; is that good or bad for your body? I’m also looking for pictures, diagrams, anything, really.

Best answer:

Answer by MARIA S
it gives u emphysema disease

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