Alcohol Rehab?

Question by lastavailidtome: Alcohol Rehab?
What does it mean to “enter alcohol rehab”? What is done, how long, and why can’t it be done at home? Thanks all.

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Answer by cowboydoc
This is something that has to be done by the indivigual and the family. If the person is forced to, then it isn’t going to work. That person has to realize thier going to lose everything if they don’t go for treatment.

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  1. krchamp says:

    Detoxing from Alcohol is the most dangerous detox. More people die from Alcohol detox than any other drug. Withdrawals need to be monitored by doctors and nurses. Often medications are given to the patient to help ease the withdrawal symptoms. The brain and body is used to functioning with a certain level of alcohol and when the alcohol is stopped the body and brain goes into a shock state. Often causing tremors, delusions, sweats, etc.

    Most detox centers monitor a patients vitals during this time and administers the appropriate medication to stop or decrease any of the above symptoms from the w/d. Often the centers will offer education about alcohol addiction and help to teach coping mechanisms, because, unfortunately, w/d and detox is different from the actual treatment. Treatment begins when you leave. It is vital for a person who has detox off of alcohol to continue with counseling or some kind of support group…AA, church group, etc. Staying sober is very hard. There is a “honeymoon” period after detox …the person will feel good and feel like they have the problem under control but once the person leaves the facility reality sets in and all the problems that were there before you went in is still there when you get out.

    I would strongly suggest not trying to detox on your own. It is very dangerous.

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