Q&A: Alcohol and the effects on the body?

Question by slience.screams: Alcohol and the effects on the body?
I’m doing a project on alcohol and its effects on the brain, the heart, the muscles and the body. What are symptoms of alcohol poisoning? Why do people drink so much? What are long term and short term effects alcohol has on your bodily functions? What about a small amount of alcohol; is that good or bad for your body? I’m also looking for pictures, diagrams, anything, really.

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Answer by MARIA S
it gives u emphysema disease

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  1. krissym_15 says:

    Alcohol is bad for the body. But it also is by how much you consume and how fast you consume it…it also goes by how much you weigh…think about it

    if a man that weighs 200 pounds drinks a beer and then a women that weighs 120 pounds drinks the a beer who is going to get drunk first? the girl. People who usually get alcohol poisioning are the ones who are having shots after shots and aren’t letting the alcohol hit them first before having another one. And before you know it they have had so much alcohol in there system they black out and get alcohol poisioning. I’m not a reseacher or anything google it …you would be suprised how how alcohol effects the body.

  2. akuroiw1 says:

    That’s a lot of different questions to answer and they can be pretty long. I’ll suggest some articles you can read to find your answers because there’s not point in me reinventing the wheel.

    Effects of alcohol article: http://www.alcoholtreatmentclinics.com/effects-of-alcohol/

    What is Alcoholism:

    Alcohol Poisoning: This article is on a specific type of Alcohol poisoning. Don’t let that intimidate you. Alcohol poisoning is Alcohol poising but there are different types depending on the type of alcohol you ingest and their effects and severity thereof vary as well. This article is about the deadly effects drinking Rubbing Alcohol which some alcoholic will do if they are desperate.


  3. Celeste1234567 says:

    Alcohol does tons to your body. Some of the key reasons are things like liver disease and eventual kidney & urinary tract infections. (This is because of too much glucose in the system for the body to break down so it has a gout like effect whereas it crystalizes in the body creating kidney stones etc.)

    you can find more here

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